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World Rainforest Day

Today is World Rainforest Day and also the start of National Insect week, so here is one of the most magnificent insects from the Amazon Rainforest.

This one hasn’t been plucked from the air mid-fight and is made from fabric, to represent the Morpho Helena, one of many striking, iridescent blue Morpho butterflies found in South American rainforests.

The real Morphos have such iridescent wings they almost look metallic. To achieve a similar effect I layered iridescent organza and metallic fabrics, then embroidered the detail and added hand painted finishing touches.

Rainforests (and all the amazing creatures living in them) are rapidly disappearing. At the rate of 40 football pitches a minute! Check out for more information and suggestions of small changes we can easily make to our lives to help reduce our impact and save the rainforests.

Thanks for reading!

Vikki x

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